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Chen Hsong Europe B.V. was established in May 2013 and is located in the Netherlands. Chen Hsong Europe is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chen Hsong Holdings Limited, one of the world's largest Chinese manufacturers of injection moulding machines with clamping forces ranging from 20ton to 6500ton.

It's our goal to strengthen the position of Chen Hsong in Europe and to expand the agency network significantly.

At our location in the Netherlands we have several machines and spare parts in stock. Machines are also available for demonstration, testing and training. All European customers and agents are supported from this location.

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Chen Hsong Injection molding machine JM228-Ai, now at:

25% discount with 12 months warranty or

30% discount with 6 months warranty

Swept volume 499 cm3, Injection weight 454 g, D52mm screw and barrel, Injection rate 202 g/s, clamping force 228 t, daylight 1040 mm, distance between tie bars 520 x 520 mm. Contact us for complete specifications.

Chen Hsong Europe B.V.
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