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Supermaster-TP Advanced

Supermaster-TP Advanced

Clamping force of 700 to 6500tons

The Supermaster Two Platen Servo Drive injection moulding machine series is a revolutionary two-platen design. Designed in 3 years with a team led by leading European and Japanese industry experts, it represents a unique combination of world-class, no compromise performance and characteristics. Numerous innovations protected by international patents give this machine a very good price-performance value.

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Download the specifications for the Jetmaster-SVP/2 Large Series from the link below:


Supermaster-TP Advanced

The Fastest Clamping Unit Available: 750mm/sec.

Extremely fast clamp movements significantly shorten cycle time.

Patented tie-bar/ hydraulic connection

Reduces stress concentration and greatly simplifies maintenance.

Patented high-speed automatic mould-height adjustment and interlock mechanism

Ensures accurate, reliability and fast operation.

State-of-the-Art Injection Unit Design

  • Extra feeding temperature control zone
  • 3-colinear ball bearings ensure perfect alignment
  • Nozzle tip can be moved beyond the fixed platen by up to 300mm


Specs Supermaster SM700-TP               

Specs Supermaster SM850-TP

Specs Supermaster SM1050-TP

Specs Supermaster SM1250-TP

Specs Supermaster SM1450-TP

Specs Supermaster SM1650-TP

Specs Supermaster SM1900-TP

Specs Supermaster SM2200-TP

Specs Supermaster SM2600-TP

Specs Supermaster SM3000-TP

Specs Supermaster SM3600-TP

Specs Supermaster SM4500-TP

Specs Supermaster SM5500-TP

Specs Supermaster SM6500-TP



Mold Platen drawings SM700

Mold Platen drawings SM850

Mold Platen drawings SM1050

Mold Platen drawings SM1250

Mold Platen drawings SM1450

Mold Platen drawings SM1650

Mold Platen drawings SM1900

Mold Platen drawings SM2200

Mold Platen drawings SM2600

Mold Platen drawings SM3000

Mold Platen drawings SM3600

Mold Platen drawings SM4500

Mold Platen drawings SM5500

Mold Platen drawings SM6500